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Diploma projects

Courtyard and Public Space of Apartment Building

Králová Kristina

Landscape Architecture, bachelor_project_type


The Novovysočanská 14 project focuses on the revitalization of the inner block and the surrounding parcel of a house, built in the art deco style by architect Jaroslav Benedikt in 1926 in Prague. The house went through a successful reconstruction, as one of the few houses in the area, unfortunately there were no major repairs to its courtyard and the surrounding area. The design seeks to restore the residential house to the respectful character and potential that the construction of the last century deserves. There is a play of contrasts of geometric shapes based on the concept of composition of natural movement, circulating water and the occurrence of vegetation. The project tries to grasp and use local constructions, then revitalizes them or interprets their concept and function.

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