Final projects


Breuerová Lucie

Landscape Architecture, MA diploma project


There are large units of industrial halls in the Černovice district and only minimally represented urban greenery. The location of the sandpit is very ecologically valuable, rich in flora and fauna. There are a large number of endangered bird species, which are tied to habitats that have developed by natural succession after mining. Mining will take place until 2056. At the same time, the site serves as a park, interconnected with the surrounding buildings, offering opportunities for recreation. This concept design addresses the issue of renewables and food self-sufficiency. The visitor can walk through the park on the wooden walkway and observe bird life from the bird observatories. Take a look at the dwellings of the sheep and walk through their pastures or stray 40 meters below the horizon to the wetlands. One can refresh himself in a restaurant or cafe, or attend an art course in the multifunctional center. Residents of the nearby area can rent a vegetable bed in the community garden or small garden in gardening colonies.

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