Final projects

Workshop of Nations in Leipzig

Bc. Romana Fukalová

Architecture and Urbanism, MA diploma project


There is "Leipziger Osten" district not far from the city center typical for its high unemployment and social segregation and quantity of unused buildings and land. People of different nationalities and religions concentrated here during the last decade. Several projects of revitalization have been slowly improving this area. Close to the centre a new multicultural part of the city has been developing with many cultural, social and sport events, as well as everyday life and public urban space are being formed there. Workshop of Nations should become an important center of "Leipziger Osten" district and its value should go beyond its frontier. It should become the important cultural scene for the whole city. The center will offer advisory, educational and communication services, complemented by gastronomy and leisure. The new building will express an idea of openness, tolerance and integration. It will be developed from the surrounding urban space and become part of it.

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