Final projects

floating fish market

Bc. Benedikt Markel

Architecture and Urbanism, MA diploma project


The main idea of this work is to fill the untapped potential of the river Vltava public office, a new sense. Show the urban reserve our capital, which on the Vltava can develop their social, cultural or recreational dimension. Contact with the river in the city center is refreshing in the summer, in winter, romantic, one of our basic needs, even subconsciously. Analyzed the place of my work is Rasinovo embankment in Prague 2 – currently the parking lot, pier, instead of the occasional cultural events and farmers markets. What is the function at this point would be to perform a floating house? What will be strong enough to turn Náplavka became active site center providing an attractive environment for people to identify with their place? The answer to me was the growing popularity of farmers‘ markets present conflicting with low-quality spaces and facilities for their actions, currently in Prague is not only good / fully functional roofed market hall. The decision to float the marketplace to support the development of demand and significant changes in the field of gastronomy with us, which is characterized by just shopping and fresh food.

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