Final projects


Kašparová Markéta

Architecture and Urbanism, MA diploma project



The plot is situated in the inner city, yet we can observe a place that resemble rather periphery than urban environment. The surroundings of Vršovice railway station represent one of the imaginary gates to Vršovice district and Vršovická street has a role of the district boulevard. Nevertheless, this place on the border of Nusle and Vršovice district lacks the character of a city. Vršovická street is more of a busy road than street for people and the environment around the station is vague. One way to avoid this vagueness is to define places, to give them purpose and character – to name them. I am designing a housing project on the plot under the Havličkovy sady park next to the unmaintained areal of the sports hall. Intensive housing. Prague is suffering from lack of apartments, so why not to help the place with large apartment building. Comfortable, inclusive, understandable and liveable.

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