Final projects

Completion and reconstruction of the Municipal Court in Prague

Bc. Markéta Bílá

Architecture and Urbanism, MA diploma project


The project deals with reconstruction and completion of valuable architectural complex located in the Old Town – district: Josefov. The complex,consisting of severalfarm buildingsfrom the 17th and 19thcentury, is built in the baroque and classical style with preserved gothic elements. This complex is known from literary novels called Stínadla written by Czech author Jaroslav Foglar. In the beginning Municipal Court was used as farming object. Over time it found other utilization such as horse stables, hay and coal storage, gathering fire patrols, fire station etc. In the 20th century Municipal Court’s meaning is slowly decreasing. Suggested design would provide new use of whole complex such as Leisure Time Centre with Gallery and Cafeteria which will be placed in new built structure in the gap to the street called U Milosrdných.

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