Final projects

Transformation and Completion of the North Side of the Masaryk Square in Znojmo

Tamara Dumková

Architecture and Urbanism, MA diploma project


Place in the heart of the protected urban unit underwent a radical change after World War 2. Four townhouses were demolished including small block, which formed the northern edge of the square. One part of this area was filled again with department store Thaya in the 70’s of last century. The dimensions and scale of the building departed from the historical context despite the resounding name of the author and disrupted the harmonious character of the entire protected urban unit. The aim is to propose an appropriate method to revitalize this area. The challenge is to strengthen the character of the place, to propose corrective adjustments of improper architecture, determine the communication links in the structure of the city and find contents that will enhance the living environment, attractiveness and events taking place in the center.

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