Final projects

Electrical String Trimmer Elko

BcA. Monika Pacíková

Design, MA diploma project


   Elko is a lightweight, affordable and easy to maintain string trimmer. It‘s intended to cutting smaller parts of grass in the garden, corners around trees or paths - the estimated time of cutting is therefore in about 10 minutes. The main idea behind this proposal is using wood in the construction = like a natural material. The proposal respects all the manufacturing technology necessary for its production ( injection molding, CNC milling, assembly). The covers are inspired by the shape of a scythe, they are designed to good outside ergonomics and to provide sufficient space for the electric motor. Design of the covers was important, to provides easier production, so I designed them like one. Hence for both covers just one form, because they are same. Main safety feature is a protective cover, that is very important to protect the user against grass departing from the rotating cutting head. Adjustable is level of the auxiliary handle - is released by turning the rings in root. The handle is designed in the same design as the covers of motor and at the same time it’s shaped to fit comfortably in the user 's hand along with the switch.

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