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Diploma projects

Semily Řeky - Between Town and Landscape

Bc. Michaela Kloudová

Architecture and Urbanism, MA diploma project


In Semily are combined the beauty of a foothills nature and the Jizera river canyon with strong vestiges of industry. Currently, the town faces challenges such as population aging, population decline and job losses, especially after the demise of many textile factories and isolation from major roads. Almost the only construction demands are family houses. They sprawl on the hillsides above the city and extend to typical rural buildings. I have identified throughout the town several plots for construction of houses. The intention is to spread new plots for built-up area of the village so that build on existing infrastructure. There will not be a large area with one type of architecture and one character of the population. The new area is defined by the regulation, which helps to maintain the character of the existing scattered rural development. The territory „Řeky“ is defined by a river branch and a drive, which leave to the complex of the former textile factory that is now unused. The factory and a labor colony deteriorate. On the other lappet of the island is the biggest Semily settlement. The factories and the settlement are separated by a "no man's land ". This area is overgrown and buried by construction waste. It is poorly permeable and it does not evoke a sense of security. The rear part of the island is completely cut off from the rest of the island and from the town. I take into account the situation of the town, I do not count with a large building development in the area of housing or industry. My intention is reintegrate the island, connect with the settlement and revive the northwest corner. I want to preserve valuable part of the area and make it available to the public. This is in keeping with the intention to emphasize the strong character of the place, natural and industrial.

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