Final projects

Landscape in the City, Prague - Trojmezí

Bc. Jan Bárta

Architecture and Urbanism, MA diploma project


I´m looking for a solution for the prague Trojmezí which is a part of the green city trig, which connects the open landscape with the inner structures of the city. I am looking for the functions for one of the largest not yet urbanized areas in the inner ring of Prague. I am defininig the boundary-line - limit determining the residence and landscape, urban and open space. For the preservation of the boundary-line I am suggesting the following measures: more intensified agricultural use of the  landscape, three “Houses in the Limit” etc. I am controlling the developing and areas for urbanisation. I am attempting at creating a sustainable, open space in the Trojmezí that can be a good example of the symbiosis of the city, housing development outskirts and the landscape.

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