Final projects

Living Closer - Toward a Sustainable Future of Housing Estates

Bc. Cyril Pavlů

Architecture and Urbanism, MA diploma project


The housing estates of Prague are home for almost half of the city’s inhabitants. In the last 20 years many people have left the estates due to the dissatisfying living environment, which have not changed much in the last two decades. With the increased sprawl of the city of Prague, the housing estates regeneration could offer an alternative to the suburban living, as they in most cases have the benefit of being close to large natural areas and their open spaces can provide many opportunities for recreation, as well as the benefit of good connection to the public transportation, which is a crucial element of a sustainable future. This project presents a vision for regeneration of one of the parts of the largest housing estates of Prague, South City I, which is planned to have a tram line implemented in the future. The regeneration project uses the potential of a new tram stop placement in one of the neighborhoods Ke Kateřinkám to transform the whole neighborhood into a sustainable area with newly created work and retail places, revitalized housing and diverse public realm. The main focus of the project is on making people live closer together, by creating various public and community spaces, closer to the city, by implementing sustainable means of transportation and closer to nature, by creating diverse urban landscape within the neighborhood.

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