Final projects

Institute of Anticommunism

Bc. Kristýna Kredbová

Architecture and Urbanism, MA diploma project


The Anticommunism Institute embraces the culturally educational function. Besides providing lectures, debates and cultural public gatherings for the broad and the professional public, the mission of the Institute embraces also the operation of the library including the study room for the researchers. The triangular plot is defined by the streets Patockova and Belohorska that meet not far from the Brevnov Monastery. The mass of the Institute contains one story below ground and further three stories. The individual above ground stories are checking back in relation to the sloping roof, designated as lounging room with a view of the monastery. The location of the object, the slewing of the eastern facade and further slewing related to the mounting roof create between the building of the guesthouse „U Kastanu“ and the Institute a space for a possible dialogue of the two neighbouring building matters. The idea of the Anticommunism Institute design is the awareness of a need of an institution bringing into mutual relation the times of the totalitarian system and the present state of society.

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