Final projects

Temporary Shelter Project

Deniz Imge

Architecture and Urbanism, MA diploma project


Temporary Shelter Project is an attempt to find a solution to housing crisis in post disaster/post-war cities by installing modular portable housing units to create more livable, sustainable places for people in need. Moreover providing the users with emotional and physical support with additional common areas is intended. Project explores ways to create a transitional shelter, a mid-term response which focuses on upgradable, reusable, relocatable, resalable and recyclable shelters formed with shipping containers.. Planned use is during the time between the emergency and the permanent solutions, 6 months to 2 years after the disaster. Two kinds of buildings are designed; one for students and elderly people and one for families. Student- Elderly House considers the users as single or shared inhabiters. Both students and elderly people may need caretakers which is provided as shared units while considering accessibility. On the other hand Co-Housing Building is designed mostly for families with a more private life. The building has an open plan type with central courtyard and open terraces.Every flat is designed in the add-subtract principle which allows the families to go have less or more poeple during the time by attaching prefabricated modules. Greenery is integrated as much as possible with modular gardens, farming areas and green roofs.

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