Final projects

Institute of anticommunism

Bc. Petra Holubová

Architecture and Urbanism, MA diploma project


The building of INSTITUTE OF antiCOMMUNISM provides at first space for critical discourse about forty years of communism past in former Czechoslovakia. At second for discussion how the communist heritage appears in our presence. At third for the reinforcing democratic values,  issue of freedom and collective responsibility in contrast with the practices of the communist past, the discourse about the current situation in the countries where violations of human rights and freedom takes place till today. Interpretation of history is complex and there are always contradictory explanations of events. The way how to avoid misinterpretation is represented by critical study based on sources that authentically describe the environment in which they were created. As authentic historical source, I have chosen the documents that had been preserved in Czech archives - IV. National Archives Department - the department of government funds from the years 1945 - 1992, VI. Department and the Security Services Archive. The archive is located around the house and the people who come into the house find themselves surrounded by archive as a witness that speaks to them. In the middle of the archive is located exhibition space. The visitor travels through a series of corridors. Chronological explanation of historical events complements the thematic parts. Visitor comes from light space outside into the dark spaces inside and then slowly gets back to the light as he climbs up on ramps. As he continuous journey corridors are wider and higher. The final part of the journey is a hall dedicated to freedom and democracy - values of contemporary society. Visitor eventually comes back to the world today. The room is very light and has glazed ceiling. There is space for reflection and comparison of world of totalitarian regime and today. From this space doors lead into the media library, the library and reading room - symbols of free knowledge and education. The aim of the Institute of anti-communism is education about the communist past of our country, but the most important message is based in the realization of the importance of freedom and our collective responsibility. Today economic profit often gives preference over freedom and human rights. Institute anti-communism is the conscience that reminds important values. 

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