Final projects


Rychetská Anna-Marie

Landscape Architecture, MA diploma project


The master's thesis builds upon the analysis and proposes a concept for the development of the small South Bohemian village of Vlkov nad Lužnicí. The thesis focuses on supporting and stabilizing local values, defining and revitalizing local centers, promoting permeability throughout the territory, and enhancing the livability of the landscape. The concept is divided into four consecutive phases. The first phase addresses minor interventions in the area, followed by a proposal for the revitalization of social centers in the village. The third phase deals with linear infrastructure and the expansion of the existing road network, accompanied by greenery, and suggests a conceptual solution for sustainable recreational use in the area. The fourth phase focuses on urbanism and revises the current land-use plan, specifically addressing areas for development and determining the recommended character of future construction. The phased approach outlines a potential implementation process, starting from small-scale interventions and progressing to larger ones. The overall proposal respects the character of the locality, introduces new connections within the area, and enhances biodiversity. The goal of the thesis is not unrestricted development but rather a sensitive and sustainable growth of the region.

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