Final projects

Mnichovo Hradiště in Pojizeří - Courtyard behind the Wall

Vomlelová Alena

Architecture and Urbanism, Bachelor Project


The trio of newly designed houses is located in the very center of Mnichovo Hradiště and is conceived in such a way as to suitably complement the local empty plots with their mass and thus help to better define the given street line. These are houses on two separate plots, but the buildings are considered as one interacting and functioning ensemble. There are commertial spaces on the ground floor and apartments on the upper floors. Greenery is also an important concept, which complements the houses appropriately. In particular, this motif is evident in the larger of the plots, on which there are two objects that functionally serve as one house. At its core is a private courtyard, hidden behind a wall, which is intended for them as a hidden oasis in the city center.

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