Final projects

Regeneration and layout alteration of the Milevsko city center

Bc. Klára Křivánková

Architecture and Urbanism, MA diploma project


The basis for the solution is moving of the bus station outside the city centre, returning of natural functions and activities to the city centre and related restoration of structures and scale. I complete the disposition of the city square, overall disrupted by demolition, in vacant sites. I am otherwise leaving the area open for public gatherings and the organization of events. In place of the current bus station, I continue with compact urban development, which co-creates the character of the streets Růžová, Havlíčkova, and Pod Farou along its periphery. The proposed compositional scheme of the new development is based on the restoration of the street network, respecting of the street lines of the current development, highlighting of the axes of significant buildings and the vistas of positive dominant architectural structures. A newly introduced urban element is the connection of Havlíčkova street with the city square along the Centrum department store. A stream that is currently running through a pipeline in Havlíčkova street is also uncovered as part of the restoration. This street further connects places, each with a different quality, to the main square. This creates spaces with intimate atmosphere, which are a complete counterpoise to the open area of the main square.

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