Diploma projects

Urban structure, public space, groundfloor interface, Praha Výtoň

Bc. Markéta Korbeliusová

Architecture and Urbanism, MA diploma project


The subject of my master thesis was seeking of the relation between a house and a street, as some of few basic elements of the city structure, and the relation to its surroundings as a source of creating space for life of the city. Establishing the character of the locality while retaining its uniqueness and connection. The appearance, activities, and meanings as an identity of places. To create a 'sense of place’. I especially focused on public space in the city and housing and houses and urban blocks as a structure in contrast to public and live areas which are in a very tight connection to each other. The concept of space as a system of places.  Výtoň is a locality on the edge and very important, nevertheless in current situation the area has no clear concept of the the spatial relations as a whole. One of the main topics is perception of the space through the ground floor interface and the permeability. The emphasis was put on the explanation of the proposal in a wider context and also on the standard and comfort of living.

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