Diploma projects

National film museum

Bc. Eva Faberová

Architecture and Urbanism, MA diploma project


The main goal of this diploma project is a design of the National Film Museum in a form of a representative yet very live institution. This topic follows up student project NaFilM aspiring to found this institution which is new to the Czech republic. The building is located in a Prague district the Lesser Quarter on a site of a present-day parc which is surrounded by streets Valdštejnská, Pod Bruskou and the Old Castle Steps. This institution brings revivification and copletion to the location. The site was chosen on the basis of two student projects realized at the Faculty of Architecture, CTU: urbanistic project by Zuzana Šikulová, Vojtěch Šedý and Filip Štefl and diploma project by Barbora Mikitová: Rezervy centra.

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