Final projects


Petelová Hana

Architecture and Urbanism, MA diploma project


The diploma thesis deals with the design of a residential complex in Klatovy in the locality nicknamed Větrovna, which years ago was a despicable and neglected place with accommodation facilities, but today it is an attractive area for transformation. The proposal is based on the requirements raised in the city's published tender for attractive, sustainable, authentic and innovative housing in Větrovna. The building, which by its very nature supports the community way of living, is located in an exceptional place in many aspects, which to a certain extent defined the type of housing, its resulting form and its connection to the surroundings. It is a three-storey building in the shape of a regular hexagon, which was created in response to the atmosphere of the place, the existing road network, surrounding buildings, tree cover and cardinal directions. I fill the building mainly with the function of housing, namely 23 two-story apartments with 5 different layouts, 4 of which form a basic segment due to their arrangement, i.e. a side of a hexagon that repeats five times. The essence of the proposal is to create the same conditions for each of the apartments in terms of separate entrances and equal access to the internal shared courtyard. A children's group for 24 children is located on the third above-ground floor, which serves primarily for children from Větrovna. There is also a communal laundry, drying room and clubhouse. More than half of the floor plan area of the third above-ground floor is occupied by a partially covered roof garden providing space and peace for joint activities, work, peace and children's games. All this for the possibility of beautiful views of the city's landmarks, the surrounding area and the forest park that will potentially be created in the future.

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