Final projects


Cheryn Denis

Architecture and Urbanism, MA diploma project


The diploma project deals with new housing options and a multi-purpose building in the village of Zborovice in the Kroměříž region. The main goal is to limit the expansion of the village to the surrounding area on fertile agricultural land, as well as the effort to densify the center of the village, search for potential plots of land and their appropriate use in connection with transport and civic amenities. The project deals in more detail with the land bordered by Hlavní and Sportovní streets, where houses are currently standing in a state of disrepair and for the most part it is unused open space near our village. I propose a compact development of 22 houses according to the historical structure of the village, which complement the center of the village into a logical whole. In this way, the sightless space acquires meaning. The scale of the designed houses and the way of street development are similar to the adjacent buildings that have already been created and are inspired by the traditional rural architecture of Moravia. Material and shape simplicity and purity of detail give a chance for the creation of high-quality contemporary architecture.

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