Final projects


Kučerová Petra

Architecture and Urbanism, MA diploma project


In my diploma thesis, I focus on the revitalization of selected former hop buildings in Žatec, which, as a historical layer of the city, I approach with humility and sensitivity. I devised the functional content of the objects with regard to the nearby primary school building, orphanage and the fact that there is insufficient housing capacity for the elderly, with the desire to smoothly follow up on these aspects and thereby support the already functioning objects in the place. I open the urban structure of the closed block. Apart from the conceptual shape changes in the block, I do not interfere with the mass of the existing buildings. The entire object A can be called a community center, as it brings together activities that support the good functioning of the local Žatec community. I fill it with spaces such as a cafe, a yoga hall, a place for harvester associations, a low-threshold club, a studio for organizing workshops, a community kitchen, coworking and an apartment, which serves, for example, as a starter home for children from an orphanage. Building B consists of 9 smaller urban rental apartments for active seniors, a day care center for seniors, a doctor's office, a seniors' club and a fruit dryer, i.e. the dusted off function of a hop dryer and the potential of building one's own senior project. Although at first glance it may seem that I do not reflect the fact of the city's inscription on the UNESCO list, it is exactly the opposite. I am doing precisely what Žatec will need.

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