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Diploma projects


Alice Strnadová

Design, MA diploma project


The idea for the thesis "Portable folding screen for masseurs" came to me due to an inadequate market supply. Masseurs sometimes work away from their office spaces as they travel with their portable massage tables from one company to another and massage employees directly in their workplaces. Because of that, massages often take place in impersonal, corporate places such as meeting rooms, empty offices or windowless cubbyholes. This thesis presents a design of a folding privacy screen which helps the masseur create a comfortable massage environment and provides the client with, at least, a necessary amount of privacy when removing their clothes. At the same time, the screen enables the client to put down or hang their clothes, while it also provides a space for the masseur's basic equipment. The design takes account not only of aesthetic requirements but also of the product's functionality with respect to frequent manipulation and sanitary maintenance.

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