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November Talks 2021: Matthew Carmona

The November Talks lecture series has returned to the Faculty of Architecture of the CTU after a one-year break. It will present internationally successful personalities who are not afraid to take risks in their professional life. 

In the third lecture of this year's series, British architect and urban planner Matthew Carmona presented the sensitive issue of the "privatisation" of public space. He shared with the audience his critical perspective on the commonly shared narrative of the "privatisation" of public space. Carmona argues that it it does not matter who owns and manages public spaces, the key question for him is whether our behaviour is a nuisance to anyone. Unless there is a compelling reason to do so, life in public space should not be restricted.

On this principle, Carmona proposed the Charter of Rights and Duties of Public Space. He presented the Charter in practice using the example of a new park in the London Borough of Nine Elms.

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