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Exhibition of student proposals for the development of Veleslavín

The exhibition of the best projects of the WS 2021/2022 students of the Klokočka–Zdráhalová studio, titled Designing a Vision for the Development of Veleslavín, is on display at the Skleňák Gallery on náměstí Svobody in Prague 6 until 7 March. The cooperation with the councillor for strategic development and heritage care, architect Eva Smutná, played an important role.

The student designs created as part of the semester assignment address the Veleslavín site in Prague 6 and attempt to optimize connections and find a suitable concept of public space.

Veleslavín was originally a medieval village, since the mid-18th century with a castle and a park in its centre, which is now the only green oasis in this locality. It is adjacent to the Evropská třída, the railway line and the bus station. The area lacks a local centre, quiet, cultivated public spaces and public facilities.

We invite you to the opening of the exhibition, which will take place on Monday 21. 2. 2022 at 4 pm in the Skleňák Gallery.

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