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Shelters for KRNAP

The shelters were designed and built in 2019 by students of the Faculty of Architecture of the CTU thanks to the cooperation between the Department of Architectural Design II of the CTU and the KRNAP Administration.

STAN is located near the confluence of the Mumlava River and the Lubošská Bystřina River, on one of the important routes in the Giant Mountains National Park. The main motif was a tent, which also provides emergency sleeping and quick comfort on the road. The students worked with the shape of the shelter only as a roof.

The concept of the Atüln shelter is determined by the demanding alpine climate conditions. The shape of the building is based on classic shelters, whose steep roofs are best suited to the local snow conditions, but the interior space does not offer contact with the world. On the contrary, the view becomes the dominant feature of the new shelter.

Photo credit: Jiří Ryszawy

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