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Oloveny Dusan Award 2019

For the twenty-sixth time, the Association of Architecture Students has announced the best architectural and design projects from the Faculty of Architecture of CTU in the past year. This year's gala evening took place on March 21 at the CAMP of the Prague Institute of Planning and Development. Expert juries have traditionally declared the best project and the best studio in the categories Architecture and Design.

The winning project in the Design category was the Kiton Hanger by Vít Bednář from the Jaroš-Bednář studio. Above all, the jury appreciated how elegantly and simply at the same time the author took on the usual and necessary design task. The winning studio was, for the first time, the Streit-Polak studio, where students focused on creating porcelain holders and lamps. The jury appreciated especially sophisticated yet simple solutions as well as quality craftsmanship of prototypes.

In the Architecture category, the winning project was the Community Center under the Nuselský Bridge by Kristýna Vyslychová. According to the jury, it was a rare consensus, when all consensually met on one project and for its links to the surroundings and the social content themselves were clearly convinced of its victory.

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