Exhibition of Studio Projects

Joy to lie down

Nina Gáťová, Martin Kozák


Park Joy in Žižkov is cramped under the stadium of Viktoria Žižkov. Most of the season it is used as a shortcut to the Husinecká tram stop rather than a place of rest. There is almost no place to slow the pace. Therefore, we decided to fulfill its potential. The design consists of a terrace which attracts passers-by and at the same time brings them under the treetops. There is a wooden bench waiting for them, built in the shade around the trunk of a tree. Furthermore, a residential net designed for 6 people awaits them, where people can lie down and refresh themselves during a hot summer day. A pipe with nozzles is brought into the crowns along the trunk, which forms a fine water mist, which refreshes everyone who decides to enjoy a moment. It is just a joy to lie down

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