Exhibition of Studio Projects 2020

Senior community center - Bělčice

Bc. Karolina Spálenská


Bělčice is a small town in southern Bohemia. My project designs a community center with several apartments for seniors. I follow up on the arrangement of spaces and buildings of village outbuildings. I divide the outdoor areas into a square, a courtyard and a garden. The square and the courtyard are separated by a country house, which is connected to the west side of the plot by a one-sided courtyard building - a cottage. I then place a barn in the southern part of the yard, which stands in the places of the original barn and separates the yard space from the garden space. The main entrance to the building is a passage from which it is possible to enter the confectionery and multi-purpose hall. I orient both of these functions to the square and, thanks to the passage, they can form a self-functioning unit separable from the rest of the community center.

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