Studio Fingerová – Grohmannová

Ideological background

The immediate surroundings of where we live are essential for our quality of life. It is already a great value of everyday life if we do not have to flee our place of residence regularly because it offers us what we need to live. The current situation is not very good and is mainly solved by weekend escapes from the cities to cottages and cottages. But this has its pitfalls, and the near future will show whether this trend will have to change fundamentally for economic and environmental reasons, for example.

We are looking for ways to transform seemingly uninteresting areas into places where people can live well and identify with them in a way that, among other things, saves money on the maintenance of outdoor (e.g., park) areas. Places where stormwater, paved areas, existing and newly proposed vegetation, and furnishings that allow for work, rest, and sharing are managed wisely. Or with artworks that add another dimension to the space.

With its focus, the Faculty of Architecture of the CTU enables students to get good orientation in the urban environment. We aim to deepen theoretical knowledge in touch with the future practice.

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