Exhibition of Studio Projects

Housing and a leisure center in Kutná Hora

Bc. Barbora Rozálie Strnadová


The lot I chose to design on this year is on Roháčova street, located in the historic center of Kutná Hora. In total I am designing 8 housing units. Two of them are maisonettes, in a building which returns a lost street line to the place, enclosing the whole block. These have a generous living room on the ground floor and three bedrooms upstairs. The remaining 6 units are located in the back of the lot in three smaller, one-storey houses with a gabled roof. The upper units are accessible through the terraces which are, just like the garden, shared. However, each apartment has its own intimate space thanks to the separate entrances and the chosen orientation of the houses - specifically living rooms - to the garden. In the remaining part of the lot is a leisure center connected to a café.

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