Exhibition of Studio Projects 2020

Antonín Dvořák's landscape

Bc. Eliska Bednářová, Bc. Gabriela Šimůnková


Vysoká u Příbramě, a small village in the Central Bohemian Region known for its connection with the world-famous composer Antonín Dvořák, thanks to whom visitors from all over the world come here. But do they go somewhere else than just to the Antonín Dvořák Memorial, forest lake Rusalčino jezírko or look at his summer villa from behind the fence? In our project, we offer the opportunity to get to know Dvořák's landscape from the same perspective as he perceived it: on foot on his daily long walks. The projekt consists of conception of the landscape around Vysoká u Příbramě, creation of walking routes through places connected with this great composer and modification of some places on a shorter route around the village and its immediate surroundings.

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