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Exhibition of Studio Projects

Community housing in Břevnov

Karolína Pernerová


The house is located in the Prague - Břevnov district. The mass of the house responds to the existing surroundings, which form an unenclosed block area. A small forecourt is created along the western facade in front of the pastry shop. The house is divided into 3 tracts - a service core with a staircase and a small flat 1+kk and two larger tracts on the sides with flats of 3+kk and 4+kk. On the ground floor there is a common room for all apartments and one commercial space. From the courtyard there is access to the seven car stackers. On the top floor there is an intergenerational apartment, connected 4+kk and 1+kk. From the corridor there is access to the terrace common to all apartments.

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