Exhibition of Studio Projects

Brownfield of Military bakery - Railway station "Praha-Dejvice"

Alexandra Smirnova


Brownfield of Military Bakeries is an abandoned area of ​​the Czech Army, it occupies a large part of Dejvice makes a barrier between Dejvice and Střešovice, which contains typology of buildings, terrain and congested streets. As a concept, this area will have two pedestrian streets - recreational and shopping purposes. Area will contain the Laboratory and Faculty of CVUT, Media center and Co-Working Center with shops on the groundfloor, dormitories and sports complex. On the other side of Svatovítská Street there is a large area of ​​the railway line Prague-Dejvice, which is planned to move to the underground and it will have an expressway to the Airport. This idea becomes the basis for the concept of this place. This change will bring potential for the Congress center and Hotel.

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