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Anna Mahdalová

Anna Mahdalová - Bydlení nový Střížkov (ateliér Kuzemenský–Kunarová)


Urban Design Award 27th year (2021/2022)


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Garden city. Garden, park, orchard, forest, jungle. Urban jungle. I walk through the bushes and I see the gentleman in the caravan, a little further the fireplace, a gazebo beaten from pallets, a swing, a barking dog, bushes, nettles, raspberries. Remains of a gardening colony peek out from behind the trees. We live here! I am designing a residential area for 700 people with an area of less than 4 hectares. It is located on the "table mountain" in Střížkov. The new structure connects to the streets lined with terraced houses and slowly descends towards the foot of Table Mountain.

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