Exhibition of Studio Projects

Life with drones_E-sport stadium

Jonáš Klvaň


Thanks to modern technologies, information technology (Computers) or development in the field of new materials, E-sport stadium can take up to many forms. My goal was to create a way, which could provide opportunity for community tournaments, in a custom hall or stadium, to become reality. With help of AR and VR, using drones, that I designed. 2 generations of autonomous personal drones were created, MK1 "Prophet" and MK2 "Jackdaw", that not only help to create virtual world using 3d scanning and triangulation, but they can also deploy their roofing systems and join into flocks, creating solid continuous roof even during bad weather. Drones are described in video, but I recommend visiting YouTube for full quality video: https://youtu.be/RdF_bvvTFak

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