Exhibition of Studio Projects

Paths of the composer Jakub Jan Ryba / Paths through the landscapes of Rožmitál

Bc. Kateřina Volková


The author of the Christmas Mass, Jakub Jan Ryba, worked in the church in Old Rožmital and his last journey led to Voltuš. How does today's landscape reflect this important figure of Czech culture? What was his last journey? How can we represent it? With the design I tried to create an educational trail that will guide us through and introduce us to the life and legacy of Jakub Jan Ryba, but also other Rožmitál natives. In the second part of the route, the trail takes us through the landscape of Brdy, its fauna and flora, and ends with a symbolic entrance to Brdy. There are so many interesting things in our surroundings that we don't even look for them anymore. With this educational route, I wanted to bring this forgotten but incredibly beautiful region closer and offer it to others.

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