Exhibition of Studio Projects

Hall of culture in Roudnice nad Labem

Marek Štěpánek


The cultural hall is located in Roudnice nad Labem between the railway embankment and the Church of the Narození Panny Marie. The hall is conceived as a free composition of cubic masses, which recedes and expands the space, thus respecting the presence of the church, which retains its status as a dominant feature. The primary material used is white brick, which in certain details forms transparent walls that create interesting interstitial spaces. This traditional material is then complemented in the details with exposed concrete and wood. The hall is conceived as multifunctional, so there is a great variability in the layout of the main hall. The main foreseen venues are mainly cultural - theatre (440 seats), ballroom (340 seats) and concert (500-600), but also sports events.

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