Exhibition of Studio Projects

The Story of Dlouhá Stoka

Eleonora Haiselová


Its task was to supply tin mines with water and to transport the wood needed for its processing. There were 10 mining ponds, 52 mills, 35 bridges and 14 sluices on it. Today, Dlouhá stoka is a national cultural monument, on whose example it is possible to follow the story of the entire Springs. However, about today's needs, how to follow up on this story and tell it further? This is what I try to answer in this work. I follow up on the vision of development entitled Quo vadis Prameny?, which we developed in the student team for the landscape of the cadastral area of Prameny. I build my concept on the pillars established within the aforementioned landscape vision. The central motive of my proposal is the use of Dlouhá stoka as an opportunity to comfortably connect important points.

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