Exhibition of Studio Projects


Oliver Štefl, Filemon Šimek, Maya Konyaeva, Marek Dienelt



The senior housing complex at Hálkův Vrch offers 23 apartments with a layout from 1KK to 3+1. It takes advantage of the dramatic northern slope for breathtaking views of the historic city centre and nature. The individual buildings are wheelchair accessible. The complex includes underground parking with capacity for nearby residents, a rehabilitation gym or café. The development is concentrated in the southern and highest part of the site, adjacent to the road. A park is retained on 52% of the site. The buildings enclosing the block are crossed by a monumental staircase connecting Vyšehradská and Vřídelní streets. The project fulfils the potential of the attractive site and offers quality housing for the older generation of one of the most beautiful Czech towns.

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