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A Crease

Anezka Emma Wald


A Crease's proposal answers the question of what people actually do at Girls' Castles - sitting, lying and looking down. The prospect should be a place of stop, rest, comfort. Inclined surfaces provide a tendency to sit and lie comfortably. The prospect exists in response to the terrain below, it does not try to stick out, it does not obstruct the wind. It respects its surroundings with a height that is almost zero. It gives space to what matters. Prokopské údolí, Girl's Castles, views, and complements the comfort that is not on the rocky steppes. The view folds and folds, its edges are like pucks, as a whole it is actually wrinkled and definitely wrinkled (from the tops to the depressions as if it wrinkled in the direction from the outside in). The prospect is all this. The prospect cannot even be called the crease, because it should not be one. It is A Crease.

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