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Olověný Dušan 2022

Award ceremony at the Faculty of Architecture of CTU 3. 3. 20022

Human scale, a fresh approach to social issues and quality craftsmanship are what the winners of this year's Olověný Dušan relied on. The announcement of the iconic student project competition took place on 3. March at the Faculty of Architecture of the CTU. The exhibition of nominated and winning works will be on display there until 17 March.

The main prize of the largest student architecture and design competition in the Czech Republic this year went to the projects Housing New Střížkov by Anna Mahdalová and Wicker Cradle Rhea by Tereza Horičková. The award for the best studio went to the Jaroš–Bednář studio and the Valouch–Stibral studio.

The winners were selected by two juries in two categories. The first category, Architecture and Landscape Architecture, consisted of Peter Bednár, Michal Marcinov, Markéta Smrčková, Radek Toman and Markéta Zdebská. "While most of the school was content with designing those imaginary standard roofs on their heads, Anna Mahdalová designed a truly distinctive, unique neighbourhood with a human scale and a welcoming character," Radek Toman praised the winning work of Anna Mahdalová, who created the Housing New Střížkov project in the Kuzemenský–Kunarová studio.

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