ZAN projects

Housing Strupčice

Petr Bartůněk


The studio's task was to give order to the newly emerging satellite development in the village of Strupčice and at the same time to provide quality, but still affordable housing, especially to people from the surrounding area. As one of the main problems of the existing modern development, its excessive closure and insufficient connection to the surroundings seemed to us. Our common urban concept thus stands mainly on public space and the effort to increase contacts within the community. My proposal deals with a house for a family of five. The land with an area of 400 square meters is located at the head of one of the community spaces and shares a building line with a neighbor. The houses are supposed to touch. The concept is based on the basic principles of our urbanism - the intention was to open the dwelling to a common space, but at the same time allow the family sufficient privacy.

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