ZAN projects

House with a yoga studio

Natalie Kopáčková


The assignment for this project was to design a detached house with an affiliated business for our own client. The location, where these buildings would stand is Prague 8 - Pusté vinice, above the Pod Havránkou street. This area isn't built-up very much, there are only a few allotments. However, it has a potential. We devided an area of a little less than 25000 square meters and with an elevation of 10 meters into 17 lots spaced out into two lines above each other. I chose the easternmost one with about 1525 square meters. It is located on the corner of two streets which gives an option of access to it from two different sides. One of the important things was to think over the orientation of the lot towards the roads, cardinal directions, neighbouring lots and direction of the steep.

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