ZAN projects

House for Pénelope

Snezhana Ialaletdinova


I drew inspiration for the project in art. Therefore, the basis for the plans for the "house of Penelope" I took a picture of the famous artist Kandinsky V. V. I was attracted by the simplicity of lines and spaciousness. Straight lines and angles formed a geometric, horizontal composition of "houses for Penelope". The object is located on the beach, on the slopes of rocks. Which contributes to security from external factors, because only one is supposed to be the main entrance to the house. And on the other sides it will be bounded by mountains or a cliff. "The house for Penelope" is quite spacious and high, which indicates her status as a queen. In the created object, there is a so-called "pier by the sea", although it is located on the roof at all, but it looks exactly like this.

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