The publication “Housing Housing - Systematics of Spatial Types” presents the results of a research of residential buildings conducted at the Faculty of Architecture of the Czech Technical University in Prague. This research focused on formulating a system of spatial types, based on the analyzed properties of collective housing buildings. Research, like this book, is organized in two parallel parts corresponding to the scale of the house and the scale of the apartment, which allows to describe the natural composition of the residential environment and its specific form. At the same time, it focuses on the hierarchy of privacy as one of the decisive parameters of the quality of the built environment, especially in the case of collective housing, where the relationship between public, shared and private is crucial. Systematics is demonstrated on 55 examples of collective housing buildings built over the last century and is described in detail in the theoretical part of the book. Thus, the publication is not only educational in the form of disseminating the output of a particular research, but at the same time reopens the themes of typology and its role in contemporary architecture and mass forms of housing and construction for a broader discussion.

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