Research projects

Urban Morphology in Czech urban heritage conservation areas documentation since 1950

The project is an integral part of a doctoral research with the working title How is the value of Czech listed urban heritage areas related to the character of urban structure and morphology of their tangible environment? The doctoral research aims to evaluate the potential and limits of current urban morphology approaches to the description of valuable characteristics of historic urban environments. The research consists of two parallel lines: 1. The practical development of morphometric analyses of historical urban environment in GIS, which follows the methods and databases of a previous research project NAKI II DG16P02R025 (Origins and attributes of heritage values of historic towns of the Czech Republic), and is also related to the project Architectural-urban analysis of the Prague Conservation Area (at the Prague Institute of Planning and Development); 2. Archival research of the procedures of historic urban environments evaluations on a sample of town conservation areas documentations worked out since 1950 until the present. The financial support will be used for a presentation of the working procedure and results of morphometric analyses at an international conference (ISUF 2021 - Glasgow) and for the archival research of undigitized or online inaccessible documentations of town conservation areas located in regional offices of the National Heritage Institute and municipal archives of town planning.

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