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Research projects

The Methodology of Architectural Design in the Context of Sustainable Architecture

Human activity, including resource depletion, pollution and waste production, has a negative influence on the environment. Built environment is one of the major causes of the situation. It is therefore essential to change the approach to building design to lessen the impact of human activity on the environment. Architects, however, are not properly prepared for this change. This is caused by the education they receive at the universities that is dominated by aesthetically functional aspects of design, or is aimed at a limited amount of specific ecological problems. In order to meet the new design challenges for the built environment sustainability, it is necessary to revise the whole design process. Most approach changes need to be made in the conceptual phase of the design, which has major impact on the phases following. It is essential to apply such design methods, that bring more diversity and knowledge into the conceptual design phase and to cultivate such approaches, which meaningfully transform the team's knowledge into the creation of new architectural concepts.

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