Building Theory V

TYPE is the fundamental compositional element of the build environment: the most effective and comprehensible answer to a common task and situation. At the same time, it is important to understand that every assignment and place in space and time contains a potential for a certain degree of uniqueness. To brings forth this potential means not only to optimize the design in practical terms, but it also allows for a better orientation of the user. Variating types is thus not only the most effective designing method, but it also results in overall comprehensibility of the build environment: TYPE IS COOL! The aim of the course is to learn how to design environment which is effective, understandable and yet stimulating through the appropriate use of the TYPICAL and ATYPICAL. The course consists of a serie of six lectures and six seminars coming in fortnight pairs touching on different themes connected to systematization of the build environment.

The minimum number of students to open the course is 5. EXCEPTION for self-paying students: if there are less than 5 students, the course will be taught in consultations.

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