Design Studio - Building Complex

Classes are organised as "vertical studios" where international students meet local students of all years of study and work together. Principles of architectural design are studied and practised on a wide range of building structures: new developments as well as urban renewal and reconstruction. Studios at this level are enriched by studios focusing on topics such as sustainable design, contemporary technologies, interior architecture and preservation. Students are offered a choice of semester assignments either for individual or group elaboration. The aim of this course is to acquaint students of the Master programme with the problems of the layout of a demanding building complex and of practical use of the basic concepts of typology of civil, industrial or agricultural structures. The project can have a precisely defined programme, or the task can be formulated as a research of the potential of a specific plot. The result of the work is the design of a set of buildings with a specific and complex or multifunctional programme and typology, including site-specific relationships.

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